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Each year, hashi.org awards three $1000 scholarships—one to a Japanese, one to a Korean, and one to an American. Here are the winners for 2011.
Trevor Gradin is our American winner this year, and is majoring in advertising with a minor in Japanese and Business. He is now studying at Toyo University through the ISEP exchsnge. He is a musician as well, and writes his own music and is deeply interested in Japanese music. While there, he will be joining up with a group to help with the tsunami and earthquake relief effort in the Sendai region.

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Our Japanese winner, Jun Kawai, has come to research as a Fellow at the NASA Ames Research Center in California. Although he is a PhD student of Yokohama National University in Japan, his study is a joint research project between NASA and Japan. He is volunteering a few times a week to teach Japanese. That Volunteer Club is working with people from many countries, such as South Korea, Taiwan, India, USA, and Israel. He is teaching about Japanese culture and customs in addition to language studies.

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